Emmie + Myla

Myla is getting bigger and bigger and is as darling as can be. Big sis Emmie certainly thinks so too! We were very impressed with the dynamic between these two sisters. Emmie is clearly big sis material and little Myla's smile and demeanor are just so sweet.

Aislynn + Lucy

These two cute ladies visited us last weekend with mom and dad Kerry and Brian for very warm family session.  Despite the heat, this family remained utter cool, full of laughter and made it all very easy for us to capture some beautiful photos.

Jowon + Joseph

This cute couple came in last weekend for some sweet photos of themselves. It's a pretty nice thing when a couple takes some time to honor their relationship. It was really great to see these two interact and show the love. Kudos to Jowon and Joseph... we think these shots are really lovely.

Lucia's Familia

Lucia and Manuel uprooted and moved to Portland 10 years ago however this family definitely hasn't strayed too far from their Tuscan roots.  It was such a pleasure to meet such a fun and smiley group of people.  These photos are completely gorgeous!