Everyone Loves Judson

Portrait of a sister kissing baby brother by children's photographers at Campbell Salgado Studio, Portland, Oregon

This mom was definitely tickled to get in front of the camera for a chance. The designated family photographer received a gift for family photographer from her thoughtful husband Michael. We are sure glad he did because that beaming smile simply must be remembered.

Little Judson was along for the fun and made everyone giggle with his silly antics. Including big sis' Caroline!

Portrait of a happy family by family photographers at Campbell Salgado Studio, Portland, Oregon

Roy and Sue's Tribe

It's Roy and Sue's 50th wedding anniversary and obviously time for the whole gang to gather for updated family portraits. This group did so with pizazz! After a week together in Sunriver and some pre-photo session champagne, the laughter and good times were flowing. We think we got some pretty great shots too!

Mitchell + Sydney

This great family braved Saturday's torrential downpour during their photo session. We were glad to have such charismatic and fun people to weather the storm with us. Certainly Sydney and Mitchell are no strangers to a little odd Portland weather. We were glad to see their personalities shine through even with a bit of moisture.

Miss Magdalena

This little cutie is 2 years old!  Her smile is so contagious that she filled the whole room joy. We just love her and her wooden rocking horse and these shots are just too sweet.