Kathryn's Baby Bump

Kathryn and Tad are expecting bundle number three soon. They came in to capture some precious moments with McKenzie and Denali before the new baby is born. Tad being the family photographer in their home was thrilled to actually be in some photographs. Cute shots you guys!

Party of Five

Lisa and Paul have such a lovely family. Meet Caleb, Katya and Paul Jr. These three charismatic kids keep Lisa and Paul smiling. It's clear they are all feeling the love.

Ray and Livvy

Ray and Livvy are some super cute teens! It's no wonder mom and dad wanted to capture some photos of them… but it's really grandma who got the whole thing started. This branch of the family flew in from the East Coast and grandma wanted to make sure they were represented in the family photo wall. 

Hello Ruby

After two adorable little boys, Ruby was a welcomed addition to this sweet family. You can certainly see the joy Jenni and David's faces, that their daughter is finally here. Welcome to the world Ruby!