We've just turned portrait photography on it's head. For the last few years, Kim Campbell has been quietly pursuing a personal project of photographing children between the ages of 5 and 15 years. Using an eclectic wardrobe of costumery, masks and found objects she cobbles together dreamy scenes, mischievous moments and deeply thoughtful psychological portraits. Now she's expanded her line to include families and children of all ages.

What is El Corazón?

The name el corazón means 'The Heart' in Spanish. Over the years, as the mama of a multicultural family, Kim experienced a deep and profound fondness for the storied richness between the country of her birth and the country of her husband. This is the most personal styling we offer at Campbell Salgado Studio.

American Photo Images of the Year - Kim Campbell Photographer

National Acclaim

Her photography has been featured in American Photo magazine, as well as honored by the Photography Masters in London. In 2011, she began actively pursuing invitational gallery showings to exhibit her collection of one-of-a-kind imagery around the country. In 2013 Kim participated in Photo Lucida and was invited to show at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO. To learn more visit Kim's personal fine art photography website—aphotographerswonderland.com.

You—A Piece of Art

All participants in the El Corazón series will be asked to sign a model release so that any images created in this process are available for exhibition. All of Kim's subjects will be notified when their portrait is on display and invited to get all-dressed-up and participate in the process. 

Commission a Portrait

There are many stages that go into the creation of El Corazon™ imagery and a lifetime of experience. The first stage is coming into the studio for a complimentary portrait planning session with your child. At that appointment you will be able to introduce your child to Kim Campbell and together discuss some concepts for the photography session.

Next, Kim will make a home visit to further connect with your kiddo and strike up an ongoing conversation about his or her interests, dreams and curiosities. She'll peek around your home looking for personal treasures that could be included in the portrait.

From your grandfather's bomber jacket, to a wooden masks from your Mexican travels, musical instruments and more - you'll be surprised at the wealth of finds Kim will turn up in your home. An empty suitcase or laundry basket becomes the perfect receptacle for the myriad of props and clothing she discovers, all of which you will later bring to the photography session.

What STYLE is Right for You?


For families who want to be casually photographed within the comfort of their home a Vignettes™ photo session might be the perfect fit. Photographer Kim Campbell steps through your front door prepared to document all the things that make your family unique.


Looking for a timeless, in studio portrait experience for your whole family? That's our specialty. From itty bitty babies to grandparents we've got you covered with our Original Portraits™ line of photo sessions.

Let's Talk

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The Investment

The process of creating an evocative piece of art will involve hours both in and out of the digital darkroom. When you come back to your selection appointment you will see between 10 - 20 completed photographs.

The creation fee of is $250 - $400. The price difference depends on whether or not Kim does an in-home prop and clothing consultation—to plan your conceptual portrait ($400 creation or sitting fee) or an in studio planning session ($250 creation or sitting fee).

Our full range of photography products are available to choose from and Kim will have recommendations about the best surface to print your portrait upon.

The photographers are very creative and compassionate. It is a real treat to have your photos done here.

— kcirioli - CitySearch