3 Unique Lines of Children's Photography

Original Portraits™ - Our playful and always gorgeous in-studio children's portraits. From classic black and white in our indoor photo studio to rich luminescent color in our natural light outdoor portrait garden. Bring your children to us and we'll take care of the rest.

Vignettes™ - We'll capture your child in his favorite environment - home. A photo documentary approach to your child and family that captures the spirit of your child's little life.

El Corazon™ - Our most artistic option. Our award-winning children's photographer Kim Campbell opens her costume closet to have a magical play date with your child (ages 6-12) in front of the camera. Inspired portraits emerge suitable for art in your home.

Sitting fees range from $200-$500 for our different lines of children's photography.

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With children's photography it's important to know that 'the subjects' aren't always predictable. The presence of a camera changes their behavior, and the photographer has to make adjustments. In our experience, we feel it's best to let go of expectations and your child and your child's photographer collaborate through play and conversation.

Trust that an organic, natural event will unfold when your child steps into our spotlight. We want you to be involved in your session; selecting their clothes, backgrounds, props, environments, and even the finish to our trademark black and white photography. Children's photography that makes you smile...you won't be disappointed.

Child photographers at Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland Oregon capture a brother and sister in cowboy boots leaning against a green fence board wall.


“What to wear?” is a common question we hear at our photo studio.  With children’s portraits it’s important to choose clothes that  reflect the essence of your child. For some, that might mean a favorite  tu tu, a super hero cape or a pair of rubber boots. These pieces allow children to express  themselves in a way that words cannot.

Texture in your child’s clothing is also a plus.  Think: fabrics like tulle, corduroy, and velvet; adornments like embroidery, appliques,  buttons or overstitching. Fun prints are a bonus like polka dots and playful stripes. Just be sure to bring some solids to balance out the look.

Avoid shirts with type, brands, and messages, unless you’re sure it  will have value to you in years to come. Don't forget shoes to match each outfit or barefeet.

While we keep props to a minimum in our photography for children we do encourage you to bring musical instruments (see samples), special toys and lovey blankies. 

Love Natural Expressions? 

children's photographers at Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland Oregon photograph a young boy with a happy grin on his face against a yellow background.

Somewhere along the path of childhood, we are taught to respond to a single word with a stock response. CHEESE! (recall mental picture of Cheshire grin) Do you associate this with children's studio photography? Pause for a moment with that image in mind, and you'll probably agree that the result will look as goofy as it feels.

Kid photographers know you want your child smiling back naturally at you in their portrait, just as they would in real life. We've found a candid expression from a child is far more real and lasting through some straight-forward fun, silliness, and play. So say "No!" to cheese in your photos when visiting your childrens portrait studios (you'll be glad you did).

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As it is in just about anything, selecting the best time to  photograph your child is a crucial decision when scheduling your  appointment at the children studio. So we recommend refraining from too many activities which might exhaust the skip from their step prior to their session. You'll want them to be fresh and ready to have a great time.