professional commercial business portrait of a woman in Portland by Campbell Salgado Studio

Commercial Photography -

Invest in Your Image

It used to be that the business photograph was reserved for the executive. These days all kinds of folks need simply great commercial (corporate) photography to represent themselves and their business in a professional and  approachable way both in print and on the web. Never before has it been  so important to brand your business by personalizing it with face  time…literally. So if you are a CEO and need an executive portrait or a small business owner - we've got you covered. 


Business Portraits LOCATIONS 

Choosing whether to create your business portrait on location or within our studio is a question we’ll explore at your complimentary planning session. Our in-studio sitting fee starts at $175 for 1-2 people and on-location shoots range between $375 – $1000 depending on the complexities of the session. Digital files start at $150 for WEB ONLY files (500 x 700 pixels) and go up in price based on final output needed.

executive portrait photography in Portland, Oregon by Campbell Salgado Studio.

Our natural-light, outdoor studio allow us a variety of natural colors, textures and backgrounds to coordinate with your branding and color palette. Take a few steps inside and we'll focus on taking crisp, studio-lit, black and white or color business portraits. The possibilities are endless.

Visit our commercial clients to see how they use Campbell Salgado imagery to make their sites sing. 

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Business Photography That's Comfortable

Stepping in front of the camera is not easy for most people, excluding professional models and movie stars of course. Our conversational photography style puts people at ease right in the beginning.

If you feel nervous or simply have a favorite angle or orientation we’ll take that all into  consideration when framing your face in front of our lens. We know you  don’t want a stuffy, formal business portrait but something relaxed,  friendly and interesting. Our commercial photographers, Kim Campbell and Francisco Salgado, have got the experience to make it happen.

commercial photography portrait for business executives by Campbell Salgado Studio - Wendy Foster.

Avatar to Billboard Pricing for Digital Files

We offer a wide range of digital options for our corporate photography clientele from 1 Mpix avatars to 200 Mpix billboard files and the corresponding universal licenses to go with them. Prices vary depending on level of retouching, usage and finished size, starting at $150 for a 1 Mpix file (the sitting fee is purchased separately starting at $175 for 1 - 2 people). Contact us to set up your free planning appointment.

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