Our Maternity Photographers Celebrate You!

Many of our families recognize how phenomenal the changes during a baby's first year are and make the commitment to document the miraculous milestones as they occur.


Maternity Photography For all Your Loves

With our Original Portraits™ sessions we compose combinations of subjects that will document the pregnant mama alone, with her partner, and her children.

Most pregnant mothers have spent a lot of time imagining these photographs in their head and know exactly what they are looking for. Whether it's a delicate kiss on your sweet belly or a gentle hand pressing into the forms of the baby - we'll capture it all. You'll forever be reminded of that fluttery feeling when your babe still resided within. Professional maternity pictures will leave no doubt that this child is loved even before her debut.

Maternity Photography Tips: Nude, Clothed or Draped

It's up to you how much skin you want to show off or whether you choose to wear clothing, or be draped with beautiful fabrics by your maternity photographers at the session.

Pregnancy photographers document a pregnant woman wearing jeans and a bra at Portland, OR photo studio Campbell Salgado Studio.

The best clothes for maternity photo shoots are...

  • clothing that fits snugly across the form of your body
  • fabric choices that allow skin to show through; sheer tops
  • a colored tank top or shirt that bares the shoulders
  • under-the-belly jeans or yoga pants

If you love the artistic look of fabric or a wide scarf go ahead and bring it. Otherwise, we have a variety of fabrics ranging from stretchy knit body wraps to romantic, filmy fabrics for your maternity studio photography.

Read more tips here.

Maternity Photo Shoot: Your Belly as Art

Maternity photographers in Portland, Oregon create art photos using a pregnant belly and rope at Campbell Salgado Studio.

Pregnancy photographers capture the beautiful form of maternity. Photos can highlight the curve of the belly, the arc of the back, the life pulsing through the hands...

These are striking elements that artistic maternity photographers looks for.

Ideas For Your Pregnancy Photography Shoot?

You might be just as creative as we strive to be, and we're happy to integrate the ideas of parents-to-be with our own. While we're often indoors we are also able to do outdoor maternity photography in our natural light portrait garden.

Be creative - we've even seen a bunny costume and luchadore masks - really after 16 years not much surprises us! Bringing fresh flowers, always an artistic touch which can reflect the season of your pregnancy. Large, beautifully shaped blossoms (like lilies, irises, tulips, cherry blossom branches, etc.) have an exquisite effect.

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