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We make it easy for you to turn blank walls into a canvas. Decorating with love is our motto and we are with you every step of the way. From planning your perfect session, to a custom-tailored photography session, let's not forget an unforgettable multimedia show of the 'best of' your family. Bring in photos from your own home or use our sample walls and we can start designing wall displays that will make your home sing. Top it off with a complimentary framing consultation and you'll be light years ahead of those folks who take lots of photos but never get them from their computer to their wall. 

Our Products

It isn't likely you'll ever find our photos on traditional items such as t-shirts and coffee mugs. We're known for our traditional and professional photography presentation that will stand the test of time. From Italian frames with layered silver or gold foil to prints on more urbane materials like maple plywood, captivated clients are sure to find a look that makes their photos stand out yet gently melds with their home’s interior.


Portraits by Campbell Salgado Studio. 

The Campbell Salgado reputation is built on Original Portraits™, our artistic, monochromatic (sepia-tone & black and white photography) fine art prints. Though we also produce irresistible portrait photography in color in our outdoor portrait garden. Families return again and again to document the significant milestones in their family history.


Many of packages include digital images, DVD slide shows and more. Digital files are available to purchase starting at $50 per image (for a web ready proof) and up. Cost is based on the finished file size and whether the image is branded (with our logo) or without and if it's for personal or commercial use.

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Imagine a heart-warming photo of your loved ones greeting friends and family on a special occasion. We can provide your choice of image on an elegantly designed photo card for any event: holidays, birthdays, birth and graduations announcements and more. Luxurious art paper makes these cards beautiful to receive.


The number of beloved photos from a Campbell Salgado session are manyand unfortunately sometimes folks just run out of wall space.  For abeautiful and easy way to enjoy your family photography consider a custom book that will captivate the imagination of your family for years to come.



For contemporary and eco-friendly decorating styles we've found the perfect photographic solution - the modern bamboo mount. Easy to group together into jaw-dropping wall displays.


Create a showstopper with these unique prints printed directly onto maple plywood. The grain of the wood shows through light areas of the image. Truly a one-of-a-kind product.



Want something truly different from anyone else. Give our photographers the word and we’ll create unusual and artistic wall displays to showcase your portrait photography.

Sample custom photo book by Campbell Salgado Studio.


Modern, frame-less canvas photography wraps have been all the rage lately. You can have your favorite portrait mounted in celebrity style.



While our Original Portraits™ Signature Series portraits include matting, all of your prints can be custom matted and framed using a wide range of stylistic and artful materials. Our photographers have specially chosen dozens of gorgeous frames to compliment our unique portrait photography. You'll love our selection.

Gift Certificates

There is nothing more thoughtful than a gift certificate for  professional photography. Our gift certificates are shared for baby  showers and blessing-ways, home closing gifts, birthdays, anniversaries  and more. Choose a set dollar amount or simply purchase a photo session  with a set number of photos. One call sets the wheel in motion and we can have a custom wrapped gift certificate prepared for you within a few hours to pick up at our photography studio.

The photos are literally BREATHTAKING, and I am having trouble deciding on which ones to pick. In fact, I am going to redo an entire wall in my house now that I’ve seen them, because these photos are ARTWORK.
— ellafinn - CitySearch