Our Photography Studio is Different

A Campbell Salgado experience is a ticket into an historic 1908 Craftsman in the heart of the Sellwood neighborhood. This real 'Mom and Pop' shop houses the Campbell Salgado family on the upper two floors and the Campbell Salgado Studio on the bottom levels.

Lovely amenities abound including private waiting areas and photography studios, multi-media presentation rooms (think private screening room) and an über charming outdoor portrait garden and even a kitchen to prepare a snack for your little ones.

The Outdoor Portrait Garden Studio

Since 2005 Kim and Francisco have been meticulously reconfiguring their back garden space to create lush gardens, beautiful backdrops and textures.

In 2010 we added light-filtering ceilings to several of our favorite backdrops so we could be outside in drizzly conditions as well as during the high-noon, Summer sun. With an outdoor heater keeping families toasty during the Winter and refreshing water features keeping them cool in the Summer. Lucky for us we are able to extend our natural light shooting options throughout most of the year

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Grab the Popcorn

Step on into the studio and you'll see we keep things nice and comfortable. Our goal is todocument amazing expressions and personal interactions so we keep the backgrounds simple which lets the magic that happens in front of our lens truly shine. Having the comforts of home close at hand makes people feel relaxed.  

Perhaps a glass of wine, beer or lemonade as you cuddle up with your honey on our couch for a bigger-than-life, multi-media presentation in our cozy studio.  This is one of our clients favorite steps in the process. Making decisions has never been easier or more fun.

Our Studio History

Curious about how we got started. Click here for a brief timeline of our history from our humble beginnings through the current day.